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Airblast Blog

Welcome to our Blog page. Here you'll find a selection of Airblast articles on various surface preparation and finishing topics with a focus on answering common process questions.

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Airblast Eurospray Containerised Blast Booth with Internal Dust Extractor

How can blast rooms reduce costs and maximise profits?

In-house blast rooms can save your business time and money by cutting out production disruption, haulage, distribution costs, and sub-contracting fees.

Shot Blasting Machines Q37-3D

What are the different types of shot-blasting machines?

Shot-blasting machines are an integral part of industrial manufacturing, these machines are a mainstay when it comes to surface treatment and preparation.

Plastic media dense particle separation with full abrasive recovery floor

What are the different types of blasting?

Surface preparation, namely abrasive blasting, has a variety of different techniques, media types, and blasting facilities.

Blast room dust extraction explosion suppression

Why is dust extraction vital while blasting?

Dust extraction and the dust collection process are two of the key differentiators when it comes to blast room efficiency.

Airblast blast room and spray booth at Marshalls Land Systems.

What are the benefits of a combination blast and paint room?

Combination blast rooms are an excellent cost-effective and space-saving solution; however, what are the draw backs?

20ft container is being manoeuvred into a combi blast room and spray booth at Marshall's land systems.

Blast Room and Spray Booth Preventative Care and Maintenance Guide

Blast rooms and spray booths take repetitive stress when used, to avoid damage correct maintenance techniques are undertaken.

Spray Booths

How do spray booths work?

Spray booths are complex finishing facilities, so how do they work? In this blog post, we will explore the components that make up the installation.

Airblast Wheel Blast Cabinet

What is the purpose of wheel blasting?

Why do we blast alloy wheels due to superficial damage, and what is the most efficient methodology for this process? Follow the link to find out.

Group of redline blasting pot, of all sizes.

What are blast pots used for?

This is a common question asked by those just starting to learn about the surface treatment industry. In this blog post we will explain their uses and what industries utilise them.

Shot Blasting Machines QT37-1

What is wheel blasting?

Not to be confused with alloy wheel blasting, wheel blasting machines do not require compressed air to operate. This blog post will explore how they work and what they are used for.

Archive image of a blast operator processing steel sheets on a beach, circa 1940s.

History of Sandblasting in the UK

In this blog, we will provide a detailed look into the sandblasting industry in the UK, how it developed, and what the industry looks like today.

Airblast annual highlights thumbnail.

Annual Highlights

This page is dedicated to Airblast's annual highlights. Posts will be annual reviews of completed projects presented in a video compilation.

The enclosure of a surface treatment facility where blasting takes place.

A Guide for Shot-blasting and Powder Coating

This blog post will outline the 7 most important things about shot blasting and powder coating, formatted in a short guide.

A containerised blast room.

Hiring Equipment, Top 5 Things You Need to know

Considering hiring our equipment for your business? Read our informative blog post on the top 5 things you need to know first.