Below you'll find a selection of Airblast articles on various topics related to the field of surface preparation and finishing.

Airblast Eurospray Containerised Blast Booth with Internal Dust Extractor

How can blast rooms reduce costs and maximise profits?

In-house blast rooms can save your business time and money by cutting out production disruption, haulage, distribution costs, and sub-contracting fees.

Vestas Paint Booth

What are the different types of shot-blasting machines?

Shot-blasting machines are an integral part of industrial manufacturing, these machines are a mainstay when it comes to surface treatment and preparation.

Plastic media dense particle separation with full abrasive recovery floor

What are the different types of blasting?

Surface preparation, namely abrasive blasting, has a variety of different techniques, media types, and blasting facilities.

Blast room dust extraction explosion suppression

Why is dust extraction vital while blasting?

Dust extraction and the dust collection process are two of the key differentiators when it comes to blast room efficiency.