Chartek Mixer 

Chartek Mixer – Ergonomically Designed to Mix Intumescent Fire Protection Paint

The Chartek Mixer has been specially designed to ensure that the mixing of AkzoNobel’s market-leading Chartek Fire Protection is mixed safely, controlled and in a systematic manner, that gives repeatable results.


  • All measurements in mm.
  • 425.0 x 404.0 x 1037.0 (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 42.0kg (92.6 lbs)


  • W 75 UF1 D28 20 P71 B5 B3
  • Mn2=320Nm/Tn2=2830LbIn
  • Output Shaft Bore Dia.28mm
  • Gear Ration 20
  • Weight 9.5 Kg
  • Oil Qty 560 ml


  • Air Preparation Set: Filter/Regulator, Lubricator, Manual Shut Off Valve, Gauge, Air Take Off Point
  • Vane Air Motor 2.1kW
  • Pilot Operated Control Valve for Vane Motor
  • Valve Plunger Interlock
  • Operation Foot Pedal


The Chartek Mixer is an air driven turntable system. It combines the rotation of the turntable and lateral paddle movement to fold the materials together.

The Chartek mixer is controlled by an air filter, oil lubricant regulator.

Chartek Mixer Brochure

Chartek mixer photo box image

For all of the information you need to know
about the specification of the Chartek Mixer

Chartek Mixer Brochure

Chartek Mixer Owners' Manual

Chartek mixer owners manual image box

For set up and safety instructions as well as
ongoing maintenance advice for your Chartek Mixer.

Owners Manual

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