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Wheel Blasting Cabinets

Wheel Blasting Cabinets are purpose built machines offering rapid preparation of wheels prior to re-coating.

Built entirely with this specific requirement in mind, the cabinet includes a variety of handling and loading devices to take the effort out of processing heavy wheels.

Fully Welded Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is fabricated from 2mm thick (14 gauge) heavy duty mild steel plate and all of the faces are powder coated.

The inside of the cabinet is accessed via a large “Clam Shell” door supported on gas struts.

The horizontal operator's viewing window is conveniently angled and the internal lamp lighting ensures excellent visibility during blast cleaning.

A heavy duty wheel support is angled to present the front face of the wheel to the operator, allowing easy access to the entire wheel.

The cabinet comes with an integral cartridge dust extraction system controlled by a delta P control unit. This powerful unit removes airborne particles, ensuring good visibility within the booth at all times.

A pressure regulator and gauge unit is fitted as standard to ensure a controlled air supply is available. This allows maximum performance from the blast gun units.

Wheel blasting cabinets

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