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Powder Coating Booths

Our powder coating booths are available in 2000mm and 1000mm wide modules.

We supply Cartridge Filter Booths equipped with Reverse Pulse Jet Cleaning Systems. Modules can be connected to produce a booth of any width (in 2000mm and 1000mm wide increments). We also supply canopy to bring the workpiece within the capture area.

Our powder coating booths are constructed from 1.2mm gauge galvanised steel sheet.

The panels are manufactured using the latest automated CNC punching and folding machinery. They have a 40mm x 15mm return fold to enhance the rigidity of the construction and are bolted together using bright zinc plated M8.8 x 16mm set screws at pitches of 250mm. We also supply a range of ovens and conveyor systems.
Powder Coating Booth

The construction gives the booth a smooth internal surface to assist with cleaning and maintenance. The unit will be complete with a 1m deep working canopy.

Key Features:

  • High efficiency cartridge filters mean air can be recirculated cleanly back into the factory or workshop, meaning no need to duct through your roof.
  • Self-cleaning reverse pulse jet filters automatically fire at set intervals to clean filters, prolonging their life and reducing the cost of consumables.
  • Water wash systems for high volume situations.
  • Unit comes complete with twin integrated roof lights.
  • Roof hanging rail fitted as standard to allow easy manipulation of light components during coating without the need for jigs or frames (SWL 50 kg).
  • Easy setup – just connect to 3-phase power.

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