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Abrasive Recovery

Find out why efficient abrasive recovery can make a world of difference.

An effective abrasive media recovery system is one of the major differentiators in the field of blasting technology. The ability to efficiently recover and reuse media allows for far greater productivity and a smoother workflow.

Follow the links on this page to learn more about the abrasive recovery options Airblast Eurospray can provide. Alternatively, click the button below to download a simple, one-page guide.

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Click here to download a one-page guide to our four main abrasive recovery systems.

Sweep Recovery Floor

Sweep Abrasive Airflex Recovery Floor

The Airflex scraper recovery floor automatically recovers spent abrasive allowing for longer periods of continuous blasting.

Airblast Abrasive Recovery Bucket Elevator

Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators and Screw Recovery Systems

These systems are ideal for high volume media use and storage.

Airblast Abrasive Vacuum Recovery Systems

Vaculift Recovery System

With its high recovery rate, the Vaculift unit is an ideal system for in-house blasting operation.

Airblast Abrasive Vacuum Recovery AbVac

AbVac Abrasive Recovery Unit

The portable AbVac is an suction unit designed for the collection of abrasive into a bag.

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum Recovery

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum

The Airvac with Cyclone Separator is a compact air-operated vacuum system that recovers abrasives for recycling.

Airblast Portable Garnet Recycler

Portable Garnet Recycler

Airblast Eurospray's Garnet Recycler helps to deliver a constant supply of recycled abrasive to improve operator efficiency.

Airblast Plastic Media Dense Particle Separation

Dense Particle Separation for Plastic Media

On larger Aerospace PMS applications, Airblast Eurospray incorporate the RAM DPS 3000 to separate and remove dense particles.