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Learn more about the construction of our world-class Blast Rooms and Booths.

Airblast Eurospray designs, manufactures, and installs world-class blast rooms and booths for a variety of market sectors. These include Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Road Haulage, Rail, and Wind Power. We’re known for creating long-lasting, high-performance, controlled-environment blast rooms with exceptional dust-management systems for clear visibility.

We partner with customers all over the world to provide outstanding surface preparation solutions. Our blast rooms are specified when project outcomes are critical, where the work has to be right, first time, every time.

We’re often presented with requests to develop complex, large-scale blasting rooms or facilities that meet a specific bespoke process requirement. We thrive on these challenges and apply decades of design, engineering and project management expertise to deliver some truly amazing facilities – like our blast rooms for the rail sector.

A positive result for your business

We’re focussed on the outcome you need. Whether that’s delivering blast rooms that process more of your product in shorter time frames, improving the blasting environment for your operatives, upgrading your facility with the latest technology, or simply finding the best budget solution to fit your manufacturing space.

A positive result for your business is a positive result for ours.

Support for our Blast Rooms

We’re here for you –  for the life-cycle of all our blast solutions – and will be there to help with any changes you need; whether that’s new equipment, training or technical queries. Our team can be deployed at short notice to support you in the field when you need us. We’ve built relationships with some of the world’s largest and most important organisations because we build blast rooms that last, and work for your industry sector and processing needs.

We offer high quality blast rooms in a range of bespoke and standard configurations and with a variety of features depending on your need. We work with leading suppliers, ensuring all components from steel to industrial controls are of an exceptional quality standard. Explore the links below to see our range of modular, containerised, weatherproof, plastic media or sound attenuated blast rooms.

If you have any general questions or need something different, please get in touch with our technical sales team; we’d be delighted to help. You can also download our brochure to learn more about our bespoke or ‘all-in-one’ portable blast rooms and other surface preparation innovations.

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Modular Blast Room Dust Extraction

Modular Blast Rooms

For a more bespoke facility design, our modular system offers a more flexible solution than our containerised blast rooms.

Airblast Sound Attenuated Blast Room

Sound Attenuated Blast Booths

Sound attenuated blast booths reduce noise and improve safety. Find out more from the leaders in blast and spray innovation.

Modular Blast Room

Bespoke Blast Rooms

Airblast Eurospray designs, manufactures and installs blast rooms for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Road Haulage, Rail, and Wind Power sectors. Find out more here.

Airblast Containerised Blast Room

Containerised Blast Rooms

Containerised blast rooms are a highly affordable alternative solution when a weatherproofed, transportable, or all-in-one blast room system is required.

Weatherproof blast room external

Weatherproof Blast Rooms

Airblast Eurospray's economical weatherproofed blast rooms make the most of outdoor space helping you maximise productivity without planning additional building.

Blast room roller door external

Blast Room Roller Doors

Read about how blast-proof roller doors help manufacturers improve factory capacity and maximise existing space when expansion or relocation is not an option.

Plastic media blast room

Plastic Media Blast Rooms

No steel required - Airblast Eurospray is the UK's premium manufacturer of Plastic Media Blast Rooms across a range of industry sectors. Lightweight materials allow for quick assembly.

Kit Form Blast Room

Kit Form Blast Booths

Our new KFB blast booth offers a great value alternative to modular, sound attenuated and bespoke booths. They can also be self-assembled or erected by our experienced engineers.

Wind turbine tower blast & paint booth

Wind Turbine Production Facilities

With extensive experience in meeting the demands of wind turbine tower manufacturers, Airblast Eurospray has provided facilities for leading on and off-shore tower blast rooms.

Airblast blast room and paint booth for the maritime industry

Marine Production Facilities

Specialists in surface preparation and finishing facilities, Airblast Eurospray has been providing turnkey blast solutions for international marine customers for five decades.

Blast Lift

Blast Lift

Blasting at height? Blast Lift uses inflatable bags, requires no electricity, and has no hydraulic moving parts, making it the ideal solution for blast rooms.

Containerised blast booth

Containerised Blast Room Leasing and Hire

New leasing and hire options from Airblast, plus a new government 130% super deduction, means that owning your own onsite blast facility is now more affordable than ever.

Blast rooms

To understand the purpose of a blast room one must first understand the process of abrasive blast cleaning…

What is blast cleaning?

Blast cleaning is a process commonly undertaken for the removal of surface contaminant, previously applied coatings, or corrosion. Ultimately it prepares a surface for a secondary treatment, such as the application of a protective or decorative coating.

In some cases, it is used to create a uniform finish on non-ferrous surfaces that require no protective coating, such as aluminium and stainless steel. However, in most cases the purpose of abrasive blasting is to achieve a level of cleanliness and a uniform surface roughness required by the coating to be applied.

Steel cleanliness is measured against a pictorial guide known as Swedish Standards or ISO 8501-1 and surface roughness is measured in the RA or RZ scale. Most coating data sheets will call for a defined surface cleanliness and roughness for correct adhesion of the coating to the prepared surface.

The use of abrasives in blast cleaning

By propelling abrasive on an airstream onto a surface, both cleanliness and roughness can be achieved. Abrasive is typically held in a pressure vessel and forced onto an air stream, in turn propelled down an abrasive resistant hose and ejected at speeds up to 180mt per second from a blast nozzle.

By manipulating air pressure and abrasive type, a wide range of finishes is obtained. Whilst abrasive blasting is regularly undertaken “in the field” of preparing steel structures for the application of protective coating, it is also used in a more controlled environment commonly known as a blast room.

What is a blast room?

A blast room is an enclosure designed to be resistant to the process of abrasive blast cleaning. A blast room will contain the entire process, eliminating the risk to others from the escape of abrasive particulate and the dust generated by the process.

Typically, blasting rooms are been lined with abrasion resistant rubber and will be lit by purpose designed lighting systems that are able to resist the aggressive nature of abrasive blast cleaning.

A modern blast room will address the noise generated by blast cleaning, by incorporating noise suppressing materials in its construction. By adding a suitably designed dust extraction system to the booth, a level of visibility is provided to the operator that allows them to gauge their progress in achieving the desired finish and work safely.

The advantages of blast booths…

When working out in the field it can be difficult to maintain the proper condition of abrasive for re-use, in a blast room this is not the case, as it allows the operator to use recyclable abrasives. This offers several advantages:

  1. Cost savings: While recyclable abrasives may cost more initially, their durability allows them to be recycled and re-used multiple times, to varying degrees, based on the particular media.
  2. Waste reduction: When blast cleaning is used for the removal of a previous coating it is not uncommon for that waste to be treated as contaminated. The use of this recyclable material in a blast room prevents the volume of waste associated with more friable abrasive that can’t be recycled.
  3. Protects equipment: Recyclable media is kinder to blast equipment, extending its service life and reducing costs associated with maintenance. Recyclable abrasive, coupled with an abrasive recycling system and powerful dust extraction, definitively mitigates excessive dust generation, removes undersized media, and prolongs the life of wear items.

Fundamentally, wherever possible, abrasive blast cleaning will only benefit from being undertaken in the controlled environment of a blast room. Blast rooms ensure a more productive and cost-effective process, provide better working conditions for operators – allowing them the greatest chance of attaining the best finish, and are more environmentally sustainable.

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