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Insight & Research

Airblast occasionally produces insight and other research related to products and the blasting industry. These are available for download here in PDF form when available.

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Airblast blast media/abrasive selection guide cover page.

Abrasive Media Selection Guide

Airblast abrasive break-down document

How Abrasives Break Down Graphic

Airblast blast room recovery options document cover page.

Abrasive Recovery Options

Redline blast pot outside, with a complete blast hose, Nova 2000 blast helmet, and Radex air filter accompanying it.

DA vs Grit Blasting

Blast operator wearing Nova 2000 helmet, blast suit and gloves, holding a blast hose and nozzle.

Breathing Air Quality Tests

Blast nozzles chart.

Blast Nozzles Chart

How To Design a High-efficiency Blast Room

Airblast Eurospray information poster about steel surfaces.

Steel Surfaces Poster

Airblast Marine Production Facility

Case Studies

Find out more about the latest Airblast Eurospray projects and innovations.

Airblast Blasting and Spraying Facilities

Product Brochures

Download the latest Airblast Eurospray blast room, product, and equipment brochures here.

Modular Blast Rooms

Technical Data Sheets

Find safety information, abrasive specifications, operating guidelines, and industry content here.