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Water Wash Spray Booths

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) Dynaprecipitor Water Wash Paint Booth handles a large variety of paints.

Compared to conventional spray booths, these are available at higher production rates with more options when it comes to viscosity and drying speed.


The Dynaprecipitor Water Wash Booth features a welded washer assembly, constructed of 12- and 14-gauge galvanized steel. The wash chamber works equally well in crossdraft and downdraft booth configurations.
Water wash spray booths
  • Circulating System: Circulating water forms a continuous, constantly flushed system that has no sediment-accumulating dead ends. The water flow rate can be easily adjusted.
  • Construction: GFS Dynaprecipitor Water Wash Booths are constructed with single-skin, 18-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel. Pre-punched booth panels and nut-and-bolt assembly give the unit structural integrity and take the guesswork out of installation.
  • Dynaprecipitor Water Wash Booths offer the advantages of a water wash booth while occupying a conventional booth space.

A removable manifold and access door below the fan ensures easy booth maintenance and a hinged-front water curtain allows for easy skimming of coagulated paint particles from the collection pan. Optional automatic centrifugal separators are also available.

Air is drawn through a continuous curtain of moving water, and suspended paint particles are scrubbed out.

When air changes direction, centrifugal force slings the solid particles out of the air stream.

Entrained paint particles are thrown against adjacent walls and curtains, while water flushes the particles into the collection pan.

Air reaching the exhaust stack is free of airborne particles, keeping the stack area cleaner for longer.

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