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Compressed Air

Airblast Eurospray offers compressors, dryers, and plant air audits to ensure that its customers are able to make the most efficient use of compressed air.

Maximising output is an essential facet of efficient production processes. Airblast Eurospray is committed to helping our customers get the best out their compressed air systems.

Compressors Range

Airblast Eurospray is able to recommend the right compressors for your project, with a focus on keeping energy and servicing costs down. We offer a wide range of air compressors to meet the needs of any project, so matter how large or small.

Below are further details about one of the more popular compressors we offer, the rotary screw compressor. To learn more about this product, or about how we can help with compressed air in general, get in touch with us via our Contact page and one of our team will be glad to help.


  • 5-15 bar of pressure
  • 0.34 to 57.20 m3/min
  • 2.2 to 315 kw
  • Industrial focused
  • Oil lubricated
  • Electric motor driven


  • Less power output to more air out.
  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy saving rotors
  • Build with IE3 motors (EU requirement from January 2015).
Air Compressors

Breathing Air Quality Tests

In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stipulates that breathing air quality should be tested at least every three months and more often when the quality of air cannot be assured. Furthermore, records of those tests must be kept for five years.

The reason for this stringent legislation is that poorly maintained air compressors can be hazardous to an operator’s health.

What is sand blasting? An insight article from Airblast Eurospray

Employers who rely on annual compressor services in place of regular breathing air quality tests, may unknowingly fall short of legal requirements. Airblast Eurospray offers breathing air quality testing nationwide to keep operators safe and to help employers to meet their legal obligations.

To learn more about breathing air quality tests, please read our article on the subject. If you have any questions about compressed air testing, or to book a test for your equipment, get in touch today.

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For more information, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.
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Air Dryer

Air Treatment

Airblast Eurospray offers four main types of dryer that provide various solutions for dealing with moisture-saturated air.

Airblast Compressed Air Plant Audit

Plant Air Audits

Airblast Eurospray carries out audits of customers' plants & systems to ensure compressed air is being used economically.

Oil Disposal treatment for air compressors

Condensate Treatment

The majority of oil-lubricated air compressors produce oil-contaminated condensate from filters, dryers, and drains. This must be drained off properly at the collection points


Intelligent Compressed Air Energy Management

Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility behind water, gas and electricity due to the vast amounts of energy used.

Air compressors

Distribution Pipework

High quality distribution pipes to work in tandem with compressed air systems, medium and high pressure systems, vacuum systems, and low fluid power systems.

Compressed Air System

Compressor Servicing

Regular compressor maintenance & servicing is vital and Airblast Eurospray has over 40 years of experience in maintaining and servicing all types of air compressors.

Extractor/Dryer air filter

La-Man Filter

This is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter. Designed for the final usage of air, it will remove water, oil, and other contaminates.