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Vacuum Blasting

The AB-1070 vacuum blast machine is an environmentally friendly, dust-free blasting solution which is easy to use, versatile, and powerful. The use of steel abrasive provides cost effective, efficient, and powerful blasting while allowing close control of the surface preparation.


Easily interchangeable blast head fittings allow a variety of surfaces to be blasted. These head fittings include flat, inside and outside corners, small and large diameter pipes, and more.

Additional accessories are available for specific applications, such as to blast large horizontal surfaces or the edges of steel plates. As the process is safe and dust free, other production processes can be carried out close to the blasting operation.


  •  Standalone unit includes automatic dust extraction and abrasive recycling system
  • Quickly interchangeable blast head fittings to blast different surface shapes
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Allows blasting from low to high pressure (1–8 bar)
  • Maximum hose length of 35m
  • Can be incorporated into an automatic online blasting process


  • Totally dust-free, environmentally friendly blasting
  • Other job site operations can be conducted close to the blasting area
  • Zero dust contamination on the job site
  • Many common shapes can be blasted with ease
  • Low operation cost due to the use of steel abrasive
  • Flexible and versatile
Airblast Vacuum Blasting


  • 15m hose set consisting of a blast hose, abrasive recovery hose, a double line control hose with trigger and all necessary hose connectors
  • Hardened aluminium blast head, a blast head inner tube flat, a blast head inner tube 90 and a 6.4mm boron carbide nozzle
  • Set of standard brushes (brush flat, brush 90° inner corner, and brush 90° outer corner)
  • Adjustable venture and pressure gauge for air-driven version
  • Operators manual in English
  • Warranty

Optional Accessories

  • Extension blast hose set of 10m, 15m or 20m
  • Large blast head including Borium Carbide Nozzle
  • Floor trolley for large blast head


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