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Containerised Blast Room Leasing and Hire

Blast Room Leasing and Hire - Why Pay to Send Your Blasting Away, when it’s cheaper and more effective to bring it in-house

Now is the time to invest in your own surface preparation facility. Lease-purchase options together with the new super deduction make 2021 the year to save money and bring blasting in-house. Alternatively, if owning a blast facility isn't currently feasible for your business, why not try our competitive hire purchase?

Save money

If you’re currently subcontracting your abrasive blasting work, you’ll be budgeting for significant haulage costs on top of surface prep charges. Manufacturers in any sector who are reliant on frequent shipping to contractors, could bring the process in house for a fraction of the cost; potentially saving £000’s every year, regaining control, and saving time in the process.

Operator closing a containerised blast room swing doors.

Blasting in house – The cost effective way

Setting up a self-contained surface preparation facility is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Leased-purchased over five years, our all in-one blast container costs as little as £630 a month, or around £850 a month with a compressor package – and comes with operator training too.

Airblast’s all-in-one Containerised Blast Rooms include:

  • Fully integrated dust extraction – powerful reverse-jet cartridge system pre-installed.
  • Installation and commissioning (simply hook up power and air and you’re ready to blast).
  • Purpose built LED lighting modules.
  • Abrasive resistant rubber lining.
  • Door safety interlock system.
  • Integrated tool room.
  • Vaculift media reclamation system.
  • CE accredited breathing filter and blast helmet.
  • Operator training.
  • Available in 10’, 20’ and 40’ models.

Example cost options:

Container Only

Example based on a 20’ model.

£29,917.00 + VAT outright payment or:

Five-year lease-purchase:

  • Advance payment £662.96 + VAT.
  • Followed by 59 rentals of £662.96 + VAT.
Operator opening the hinge door's to enter a Airblast containerised blasting room.

Container and Compressed Air Package

This example option includes a reconditioned compressor package (with a 12-month warranty). Costs for compressor packages can vary.

£39,917.00 + VAT outright payment, or:

Five-year lease-purchase:

  • Advance payment c.£884.52 + VAT.
  • Followed by 59 rentals of c.£884.522 + VAT.

Note: Example costs obtained 30 03 21. Costs are illustrative only and are subject to a range of variables.

Operator opening the hinge door's to exit a Airblast containerised blasting room.

Container Hire

For short term blasting, we recommend taking advantage of our competitive hire options.

However, these are subject to availability. If you’re interested in hiring one of our containers, please send an email to sales@airblast.co.uk to receive pricing and further details.

10ft shipping container blast booth

From April 2021, companies investing in qualifying plant and machinery assets can claim a 130% super-deduction capital allowance (additional conditions apply for lease-purchase options). Costs are illustrative only and may vary depending on lease agreement. More detail on the super deduction can be found on the government website.

In addition to cost savings, bringing surface preparation in house lets you regain time spent on managing haulage – every hour spent on organising transport is time that can be redirected to productivity. And with greater control of the whole production process comes greater speed to market, and more satisfied customers.

There’s never been a better time to scrap subcontracting, save money, and take back control of your blasting. Talk to our sales team for more information today – use our contact form, email sales@airblast.co.uk or call 01778 560650 and ask about Container Leasing.

Contact Us

To find out more about improving the efficiency of your blasting or painting operations, or to discuss sound-suppressing blast booths, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.
Alternatively, call our sales team on +44 (0)1778 560 650 and they will be happy to advise you.

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