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Portable Garnet Recycler

The RC-50-150 is an abrasive recycling system which can be used inside or outside. Several types of reusable abrasive can be recycled by the RC-50-150 into builder's bags or blast vessels.

Garnet Recycler

Contaminated media is deposited into the elevator hopper from where it is conveyed to a rotary sieve system. The sieve can be fitted with either Ø 4, 5 or 6mm holes as required. All oversize contamination such as coating scale, woodchips, glass, etc. are separated through sieve. The sieve also incorporates a dust exhaust connection which eliminates dust particles from the abrasive. After the sieve abrasive is run through an air wash. This can be adjusted to determine the particle size (spent abrasive) to be removed. All contamination including dust is deposited in bulk bags or if specified collection drums. Clean abrasive is directed to a storage hopper from where it can feed blast machines or bulk bags.

An adjustable timer controls the cycle time. Solenoid valves introduce jets of high-pressure air into the cartridges in turn, through the Venturi opening above each cartridge. The resulting reverse airflow cleans the filter cartridges. Dust removed from the filter surface settles into the hopper. As each pair of filter cartridges is cleaned in succession, the remaining stay.

The used abrasive moves to the abrasive hopper and then the elevator. From the elevator it moves to the rotary sieve, with holes Ø 4, 5 and 6mm at choice. If the abrasive is polluted with big parts like coating scale, woodchips, glass, etc., these contaminants are separated through the rotating movement of the sieve. The sieve is supplied complete with a dust exhaust connection. After the sieve, the abrasive flow is through a cascade system.

The air wash action can be regulated to control the size of the reusable abrasive. Dust and non-usable (too fine) abrasive is automatically discharged and collected in builder’s bags or extracted by the separate filter. The cleaned abrasive will fall into the abrasive silo and is ready to be stored in builder’s bags or blast vessels.

The system is supplied complete with: crane hooks, inspection covers. and flexible dust-exhaust ducting to the builder’s bags.

For technical specifications, dimensions and other data, please download our brochure.

Garnet Recycler

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