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Kit Form Blast Booths

Modular Self-Assembly Booth

Our new modular blast booth offers an incredible value alternative to containerised, modular or sound attenuated bespoke booths.

Lowest possible price point

Available in a range of standard sizes, the booth is constructed with a unique panel system that completely negates the use of supporting steel. This combined with a choice of competitive grit recovery options and plug in dust collection units makes this a highly cost-effective facility, delivering on quality without compromise – at the lowest possible price point.

The booth has potential for for self-assembly and comes with our tried and tested stock components including:

Plug-in dust arrester
The Vaculift media recovery device is one of our most popular options
Pot Mounted Elevator
A re-thinking of our single blast machine elevator delivers on cost without compromising build quality
  • A plug-in dust arrester
    This reverse jet cartridge unit can generate 85003/hr. (5000cfm) of our market leading dust extraction per unit plugged directly into the booth – eliminating the need for expensive ducting and air outlets. Two units will support larger booths.
  • A sweep to, blast machine mounted elevator or Vaculift system
    The Vaculift is one of our most popular abrasive recovery options, while the new style blast machine mounted elevator has the speed and cleaning features of standard abrasive elevator systems but uses the blast machine for support, further reducing build cost.
Purpose built blast-room lighting system
Purpose built blast-room lighting system
  • Purpose built blast-room lighting system
    This is a new, robust LED light unit, fully capable of coping with the rigours of a blasting environment.
  • Swing doors with integrated air inlets
    Designed specifically for the new modular booth, air inlets are fitted into the door for a more compact, cost-effective arrangement.
  • Full rubber lining
    Premium shot-blast grade rubber with a shore hardness of 55/65.

Additional Options: 

  • Optional steel floor
    The modular booth is offered with or without a 5mm steel floor plate arrangement. If selected, the floor is cut, drilled and countersunk to size ready for anchor-fixing to the existing concrete floor. A further option is for the integration of shedder plates with built in hose hangers and product loading rails.
  • Optional Blast and Paint combi booth
    By incorporation of a paint ventilation module this booth offers both blast and paint process environments. The paint spray module incorporates a rear wall paint extraction chest for further factory space optimisation and booth versatility. For more information on the benefits of Blast and Paint combi booths, follow the link to our article.

The simplified design and DIY assembly option is new to market and will appeal to those looking for a low-cost blast facility or flexibility in size to suit their own specific processing needs. The booth is designed for indoor use and comes with full assembly instructions if this option is preferred.

Available Sizes:

ModelLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)Dust Extractor(s)
KFB013331 No.
KFB024331 No.
KFB0343.532 No.
KFB0453.532 No.
KFB0573.532 No.
KFB0693.532 No.
KFB0744.532 No.
KFB0854.532 No.
KFB0974.532 No.
KFB1094.532 No.
KFB1133.53.52 No.
KFB1243.53.52 No.
KFB1353.53.52 No.
KFB1473.53.52 No.
KFB1593.53.52 No.
KFB1644.53.52 No.
KFB1754.53.52 No.
KFB1874.53.52 No.
KFB1994.53.52 No.

Note: Vaculift or blast machine mounted elevator can be located at various points at either side or rear wall. 

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