What are the benefits of a combination blast and paint room?

Blast rooms and Paint spray booths are typically separate units; however, should you consider a combination blast and paint room?


Combination paint and blast rooms are facilities where both surface preparation and finishing can take place. Typically, both processes have their dedicated installations because they each require different forms of ventilation. However, combination rooms incorporate a paint ventilation module as well as dust extraction and abrasive recovery.

The main benefits of a combination paint and blast rooms are their cost-effectiveness and space-saving ability due to both processes being housed together. However, even with dust extraction and the use of dustless abrasive, it is inevitable that combination rooms will still have some dust present inside, which may affect paint finish. If the paint finish is not critical for aesthetic value, combination paint and blast rooms are an ideal, cost-effective solution for the demands of smaller businesses short on space.

Inside a combination paint and blast rooms, a paint ventilation module is installed at the rear wall of the facility, away from the area where components are blasted. When blasting occurs in the work area, the paint ventilation module is shielded to prevent damage.

Combination paint and blast rooms are an option in our self-assembly, Kit Form range of blast facilities.  These cost-effective modular booths have been designed specifically for smaller businesses looking to optimise their workspace.

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