Can Crushers

The Airblast Canpacter unit

The Airblast Canpacter unit crushes all types of metal cans, tins, paint drums and paint pails up to 30 litres, compacting them up to a sixth of their original size with ease -- delivering significant savings in disposal costs.

Canpacter is easy to use and its sturdy construction means dependable performance time after time.

Cost and Space Savings

The Airblast Canpacter allows you to save on waste skip transport charges to landfill sites, while helping you to maintain a safer, tidier workplace. It does this by streamlining handling and by reducing the accident risks associated with storing and stacking cans. The Canpacter makes positive product stewardship easy, which sends the clear message that disposal and recycling is taken seriously.

Simple to Use

A paint drum is placed within the can crusher for processing and the joystick is pressed to start the cycle. The door is automatically locked and within around 20 seconds the cycle is complete.

Containers positioned in the can crusher are automatically pierced without removing the lids. When required, the same device drains solvent deposits for disposal. A removable drip tray catches any paint, oil, and other liquids which may be expelled from the container during the crushing cycle.

Can crusher
Airblast Can Crusher

Zero Maintenance

Canpacter is an easy-to-clean, maintenance-free product that requires no electrical installation. This makes it an attractive, quick-start product with no training requirements. At just 485mm deep, its slim size enables easy positioning and storage.

Airblast offers two models of can crusher: the Canpacter 6 litre bench-top machine, and the Canpacter 30 litre drum model.

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  • Safe and easy operation.
  • No electrical installation required.
  • Full-height viewing window.
  • Robust construction.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Powder coated finish.

Technical Data

  • • Overall height: 2020mm
  • • Overall width: 665mm
  • • Overall depth: 485mm
  • • Depth when door open: 810mm
  • • Time cycle: 20 seconds (based on a 30 litre pail)
  • • Air requirements: 215dm”/cycle @10bar/145psi

Canpacter 5 litre bench top machine and Canpacter 205 litre drum models also available.

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