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Weatherproof Blast Rooms

Airblast Eurospray weatherproof blast rooms are self-contained blast facilities that are designed to maximise productivity while helping you make the most of outdoor space. Available in two solutions, we are able to cater for all size requirements.

Small to medium size applications

Introducing our all new, cost-efficient weather-proof blast booth for small to medium size applications, no-concrete foundations!

Our new weather-proof blast and spray treatment facility uses an innovative steel raft mounting system that circumvents the need for concrete foundations meaning you can have a hassle-free, highly efficient, bespoke outdoor booth in a matter of days.

Demountable, completely movable, and arriving on site in kit form; the steel frame the booth is built around is designed with quick assemblage in mind. It uses three separate facets in construction to retain the integrity of the blasting environment inside without being affected by the environment outside.

Firstly, a steel raft is assembled to provide a load-bearing raft / floor for the booth, secondly a bolt-together frame provides a skeletal structure. Finally, personnel and cargo doors plus composite panel walls – cut to size in our factory – are used to in-fill the structure.

This approach makes our booth weather tight and free from condensation associated with single skin alternatives.

Durable, strong and well insulated, our booth is an adaptable platform that can fit any abrasive recovery system from our range. At sites where indoor workspace is limited, we can now confidently look to external spaces for potential blast room locations previously thought unsuitable – even car parks!

This facility will meet the demands of your business come rain or shine and is only available from Airblast.

Larger blast rooms - one frame two skins

We utilise the structural steel of a cold rolled portal frame building to form an economical frame. By cladding the outside of this frame with Plastisol cladding and lining the inside with our blast booth walls, we build an economical weather tight booth.

For larger installations where outdoor space is not restricted, Airblast can design and build a bespoke weatherproof blast room to your specification. Establishing a purpose-built facility gives you full control of the blast process on your premises, without interrupting existing indoor production.

Given your postcode we can design your weatherproof blast room in line with building requirements specific to your area. Should you decide to proceed with our proposal, this design will then be transposed into a pre-cut kit of parts delivered to your site for assembly by Airblast Eurospray engineers.

Weatherproof blast rooms are ideal for large project sites, mining locations, powerplants and overflow facilities, and are designed to provide long-lasting operation around your specific production needs.

All our booth construction types are designed to have our market leading ventilation system and a full array of media reclamation systems incorporated.

To view a PDF brochure of all the blast rooms we offer please click here, or view our full range of product brochures here.

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