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Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators and Screw Recovery Systems

Airblast Eurospray manufactures a range of large volume abrasive storage elevators, which allow a larger quantity of media to be stored and used before recovering.

These are ideal where product is varied in size or heavy and a bogie can’t be utilised for loading the booth. In this case, a large store of abrasive and a steel blast room floor may be the answer.

Rapid Recovery Elevator

Our rapid recovery elevators can be designed to recover abrasive at a range of speeds up to 30 tonnes of media per hour. They benefit from our Dynamic Separator which comprises of a primary vibrator or rotary sieve and air wash. This ensures that, even at these speeds, no compromise is made to the reconditioning of abrasive. Attention to detail in this regard not only provides optimum production but also contributes to minimal dust build-up within the booth.

Separating spent abrasive from good, in such a way that ensures it is not taken to the dust collector, protects the collector cartridges or bags from premature wear. The operator can adjust the power of the vacuum to determine the minimum size of particle he wishes to remain in the system. The higher the vacuum, the larger the particle removed.

Clean abrasive is now all that remains and this is deposited into a silo above blast machine or machines. This silo can be designed to take varying amounts of abrasive. We will usually specify silo size to allow the largest item to be processed completely before abrasive needs to be recovered. This is done to ensure that abrasive clean-up is not undertaken while product is in the booth. Once all the abrasive in the blast machine has been delivered, or at any other time the operator releases the dead man’s handle, the blast machine is automatically charged with fresh abrasive from the silo above.

Airblast large capacity blast room media recovery elevator
Airblast Rapid Recovery Abrasive Elevators

Screw Recovery Systems

To assist in media recovery, Airblast can make sections of the blast booth floor capable of recovering media. These partial recovery floors incorporate one or several auger screw conveyers. Typically, these partial screw recovery booths have a cross screw feeding the elevator, and in some cases a series of longitudinal screws feeding the cross screw laid out in an “H” configuration. To prevent overloading, we also incorporate an adjustable baffle media metering plate covering the screw.

Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery Elevator

Abrasive blasting with friable media generates vast amounts of particulate and dust; thus, unavoidably, blast rooms are dusty. To mitigate the overall impact blasting with friable abrasives have, we devised the pneumatic elevator, which works under negative pressure to avoid fugitive dust emissions

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Sweep Recovery Floor

Sweep Abrasive Airflex Recovery Floor

This system automatically recovers spent abrasive, enabling longer continuous blasting.

Airblast Abrasive Vacuum Recovery Systems

Vaculift Recovery System

With its high recovery rate the Vaculift Recovery System is an ideal solution for in-house blasting operation.

Airblast Abrasive Vacuum Recovery AbVac

Portable AbVac Abrasive Recovery Unit

AbVac is an electric-powered suction unit mounted onto a rigid stand designed for the collection of abrasive into a Big-Bag.

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum Recovery

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum Recovery

The Airvac with Cyclone Separator is a compact air-operated vacuum system that recovers abrasives for recycling.

Airblast Portable Garnet Recycler

Portable Garnet Recycler

Airblast Eurospray's Garnet Recycler helps to deliver a constant supply of recycled abrasive to improve operator efficiency.

Airblast Plastic Media Dense Particle Separation

Dense Particle Separation for Plastic Media

On larger Aerospace projects, Airblast uses the RAM DPS 3000 to separate dense particles.