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Blast Room Lifts

Welcome to our Blast Lift Solutions page. Airblast sells two types of blast lift – the standard Blast Lift and the Omni (multi-axis) Blast Lift.

Our standard lift rises to 2.8m depending on specification and the Omni lift rises to 2.9m but also moves on a bi-horizontal access allowing operators to reach into the blast room as well as along it, and up and down.

Both lifts are purpose-designed to work in the demanding environment of a blast room and are not affected by grit ingress. Explore each lift in more detail by selecting below.

Airblast Blast Lift - a working platform that uses inflatable bags, requires no electricity, and has no hydraulic moving parts specifically designed for the blast room

Blast Lift

The Airblast Blast Lift is an cost effective and portable solution for blasting at height. Powered by hydrolic rams, the Blast Lift is designed to be at home in an active blast enviroment.

Inside the Hitachi rail rolling stock blast room, an operator uses the multi-access lift.

Omni Blast Lift

The Omni Blast Lift is Airblast's latest innovation brought to the British market. This access platform provides unprecedented coverage over large objects, such as rollingstock and aircraft.

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