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Containerised Spray Booth

Airblast All-In-One Containerised Spray Booth

Airblast's newest innovation, the containerised spray booth - Contain-A-paint, was designed to assist businesses with minimal workshop floor space to host a fully-optimised spray booth with a small footprint. Similar to our containerised blast room, our containerised spray booth is a portable yet powerful solution that can easily handle the most demanding throughput and processing requirements.

Bringing surface treatment and preparation back in-house

Portable containerised spray paint booths from Airblast offer great functionality coupled with flexible portability. Whether you’re short of warehouse space, moving operations, require a temporary solution, working offsite, or need to upgrade from a smaller booth, our spray containers can be in place and ready to go, starting from £27000 exVAT for a 20’ container.

Containerised spray booth, with filter medium displayed.

Packed full of features

  • Professional high quality paint booth
  • Open face / front air flow booth
  • Second set of doors with air inlet filter arrangement
  • Side or front opening door configurations
  • Door frame with glazed viewing panes
  • Double door filter frames with TA500 inlet filter material
  • Metavee G4 cartridge filters
  • Two-tier extraction chamber with 1.5kW (415/3/50) 4.05m³/sec rear exit fan and D.O.L starter
  • 630mm Ducting Kit – 2 x fan flanges, a bend flange, 90° bend, wall plate, 3m straight length of ducting, heavy duty wall bracket, high velocity efflux cowl and rigid guy rope set
  • Hinged rain canopy to span container doors when in open position

Easy Operation

Our Contain-A-Paint containerised paint booth is easy to operate and maintain and delivers very high-quality results with a flowrate achieving three air changes per minute. A comfortable work area measuring these dimensions provides plenty of room to manoeuvre inside.

Every booth comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and can include siting and connection to relevant power supplies if required.

Each Contain-A-Paint booth is constructed with a robust 6mm steel plate floor and includes IP66 Zone 1/21 LED lights @ 7600lm each (including 1 x emergency backup). Two Rows of paper-type Filter Media are used to capture overspray and particulates.

Internal lighting for the containerised spray booth.

Optional Extras

  • 40’ option available
  • Heating and insulation
  • Bespoke exterior paint colours or exterior branding
  • Side opening doors
  • Positioning and power connections

Contact Us

20’ containers start from £27000 exVAT. Get in touch now to discuss your specification or to talk options with our technical sales team.

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