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Portable Blasting Machines

Airblast Eurospray blasting machines are used worldwide in a variety of applications.

Whether it's offshore, marine, civil, general engineering and maintenance, or building and stone cleaning, Airblast Eurospray closely monitors and recognises the needs of the industry. Read on to find out more about blasting machines that offer all the features that professional users require.

The Evolution of Surface Preparation

Blasting machines have come a long way since the early days of sandblasting, and Airblast has spearheaded a range of innovations to bring the technology into the twenty-first century.
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All machines are fitted with a well-designed and reliable one-piece, remote control deadman system with a silencer, for operator safety and comfort. This feature reduces labour costs, increases productivity, and reduces abrasive costs. Available with either steel grit valves or expendable media valves, they also include a moisture trap, to eliminate possible problems with wet air or condensation.

Airblast blasting machines are designed to be used with a comprehensive range of accessories, including nozzles, wet blast attachments, internal pipe cleaning devices, closed-circuit blasting heads, and more.

Portable blast machine 2040 style


  • Heavy gauge pressure vessel fabrication, tested to 13 Bar (190 psi) giving a safe working pressure of up to 10 bar (150psi). All machines supplied with full international pressure certificate.
  • Piping on all machines is 1 1/4″, with long-life rubber lined parts fitted where necessary (except the 1028 type which has 1/2″ piping).
  • Free moving, heavy duty pop-up valve gives instant response to pressurisation, even at low working pressures.
  • Concave top and conical bottom allows rapid easy filling and ensures free flowing exit of all types of media.
  • Large inspection hatch with quick release for ease of inspection and servicing.
  • Full range of metering valves including flat, expendable grit valve (EGV) giving unrivalled economy with expendable abrasives and steel grit valve (SGV) with replaceable liner for recyclable abrasives.
  • Machines are fitted with large rugged wheels for maximum mobility on site.

For stationary applications see our range of Blast Cabinets

Airblast Eurospray blast pots, plus a range of equipment, parts and spares, are available to buy online here.

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Announcing the New Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Machine

Airblast is pleased to announce its new range of Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pots. A modern evolution of the traditional blast pot, Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pots are more efficient, use less abrasive, and are more responsive than traditional, non-pressure hold machines.
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Releasing the deadman handle no longer means depressurising the blast machine. Our new deadman system stops abrasive and air being delivered to the nozzle but maintains pressure in the blast machine, reducing valve wear and preventing wasted abrasive.

The Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pot drastically reduces the abrasive wastage that results from repeated pressurisation and depressurisation. In our tests, the Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pot was able to utilise 20% more of the abrasive than non-pressure hold models.

A non-pressure hold blast pot depressurises whenever the operator releases the dead man’s handle. Air is vented through the remote control valve and the blast hose. Blast media then settles in the blast hose, forming a slug of abrasive. Reactivating the blast machine causes the blast pot to become pressurised again. The slug of media that collected in the blast hose is then ejected and blasting can recommence. This process can result in large quantities of blast media reaching the blast room floor without touching the work piece.

By contrast, the Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pot ensures a steady feed of media and prevents large loads of abrasive from repeatedly pooling. Not only does this help to prevent media wastage, it also reduces wear and tear to prolong the life of your equipment.


While the Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pot is our new gold standard for blast machines, owners of non-pressure hold blast pots needn’t feel left out – our premium range of blast pots can often be retrofitted with our pressure hold system. Converting to a pressure hold system results in significant improvements to efficiency and throughput, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Pressure hold conversion is available for the following premium Airblast blast pots:

  • Airblast 1440 – a mid-sized pot with a capacity of 60 litres.
  • Airblast 2040 – a large pot that holds up to 110 litres.
  • Airblast 2452 – the largest pot in Airblast’s premium range with a capacity of 200 litres.

For the ultimate blasting experience, get in touch today to discuss purchasing or converting to an Airblast Pressure Hold Blast Pot.

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