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Floor Blasting Equipment

215 Model Shotblaster

With a design informed by extensive customer consultation, the 215 Model Shotblaster is the smallest in the range. Despite its size, it is manufactured to exacting standards using the highest quality materials and is designed to be operator friendly. The enhanced performance rates exceed comparable machines for productivity and uniformity of surface profile.


  • Simple, one-lever operation
  • Virtually maintenance free for continuous performance and cost-effective operation
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort
  • Designed for use with an industrial vacuum for safety and elimination of dust pollution


  • Cleaning and profiling a wide range of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, stone, and screeds
  • Removal of concrete laitance and coatings
  • Reinstating anti-slip properties

265 Model Shotblaster

The 265 Model Shotblaster is a mid-range machine, that is powerful and accurate enough to deliver quick, high quality results. Like all of our shotblasters, the body is intelligently designed for stability and to produce a uniform blast pattern. It is easily manoeuvred in confined areas and ideal for any project size.


  • Easy change Tuning Kit which can be completed in 15 minutes
  • Simple and easy to use with precise controls for operator comfort
  • Quick-release filter system from side panel entry
  • Non-wearing magnetic seals for superior sealing and recovery
  • Blasting width easily reduced for removal of line markings and weld inspections
  • Highly efficient filtration unit for optimum dust control


  • Removal of coatings, rubber deposits, and contaminants from a wide range of background surfaces
  • Steel preparation to SA3 standard
  • Surface re-texturing, including asphalt
  • Laitance removal on new concrete

400 Model Shotblaster

Our 400 Model Shotblaster is one of the most efficient machines currently available on the market. It is easy to operate in the most demanding environments and offers excellent weight distribution for control and enhanced performance.

Manufactured using durable, quality materials for long life, the 400 model is strong and sturdy and its design delivers exceptional results with reliability. It produces a high impact, aggressive shot pattern on steel, and has an extremely proficient separation on soft materials.


  • High impact, producing exceptional working results
  • Dismantles in two easy steps for 400mm oil/gas tank access
  • Large hydraulic container to keep oil cool in high temperatures
  • Long-life filter system


  • Ideally suited for steel preparation to SA3
  • Removing laitance on new concrete
  • Cleaning and texturing an infinite range of background surfaces
  • Removal of paint, adhesives, and sealants

558 Model Shotblaster

The 558 Model is the most efficient shotblaster currently available on the market, with proven reduced running costs against competitor models for road re-texturing, decontamination projects, airport refurbishment, and floor preparation. Manufactured from the highest quality materials for strength and durability, every aspect of the 558 has been designed to perform reliably including easy to use, precise controls.


  • Excellent production rates exceeding competitor models, with dual wheel design
  • Infinitely variable drive control
  • Width of blast pattern can be reduced for line removal and weld inspection
  • 3 Filter Filtration Unit for improved suction and dust control


  • Removal of coatings and contaminants on a wide range of background surfaces
  • Steel preparation to SA3 standard surface re-texturing
  • Laitance removal on new concrete

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