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Hire Solutions

At Airblast, we offer a range of products and facilities to help you complete your blasting processes quickly and efficiently.

We currently offer hire options for blast containers, blast pots and vacuum blast machines. Select from the links below or contact our sales department for more information.
Airblast containerised 20-foot blast room.

Blast Container Hire

Hire our all-in-one 6m containerised blast room.

Group of Redline abrasive blasting pots, all sizes (resized).

Blast Pot Hire

Choose from 18, 50, 100 or 200ltr blast pots.

AB1070 vacuuming blasting machine for hire.

AB1070 Vacuum Blast Machine Hire

Powerful dust-free blasting machine.

Close-up of the eductomatic vacuum blasting machine in operation.

Eductomatic Vacuum Blast Machine Hire

Hand-held dust-controlled blast machine.