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Omni Blast Lift 

Complete Surface Coverage

The Airblast Omni Blast Lift is the ultimate solution for complete blast room coverage when blasting large objects. Completely ATEX compliant, this lifting platform can traverse across both axis planes and extend from the wall on which it is mounted.

The multi-axis blast lift is mounted upon rails that span the blast room's length, and a hydraulic system controls all movements and delivers smooth regular traversal. Operators can access all the lifts controls from behind the guard rails, inside a protected cavity.

The Omni Blast Lift completely removes the need for inefficient, labour-intensive scaffold erection, promotes operator safety, convenience, and productivity.

Construction features

  • This mobile lifting platform was made in accordance with the Machine Directive Specifications. Sliding on ground rails with a self-bearing shuttle, without anchors to the cabin’s sidewalls or with wall connected rails supported by the cabin’s structure.
  • Safety features: voluntary actioned controls with emergency stop button, overoad valve, and emergency lowering device which is controlled from the ground.

Product overview

Lifting capacity150-200kg
Two-places shuttle size1400x600x1100 hmm
Power supply400V/50Hz 3ph
One-place shuttle size*850x600x1100 h mm
Oil pressure16 MPa
Motor power1.5 Kw
Max. working temperature85C
Lowering time25s
Longitudinal strokeAccording to balloon height
Lifting time35s
Lifting height from ground*2900mm
Lifting deviceHydraulic
Cage exist stroke1000mm
Additional control devicePneumatic

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