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Testing Equipment

Sturdy, reliable, and accurate testing equipment is vital when blasting and coating.

Whether you need to ensure that the substrate is within the advised temperature parameters of your coating system, or to verify that the substrate temperature is above the prevailing dew point, we have the testing equipment you need to measure, record, and analyse the most important climatic parameters.
Airblast surface comparator

Surface Comparator

An essential item when it comes to testing equipment, this precision nickel Comparator plate is designed for grit and shot-blast surface roughness comparison measurement.

Testex Gauge and tape

Testex Gauge & Tape

The Testex Gauge is used to measure the Testex Tape replica and determine the average maximum peak-to-valley height of the blasted profile.

Airblast paint inspection kit

Paint Inspection Kit

The Paint Inspection Kit offers the industrial painter all the essential equipment needed for the testing of blast-cleaned steel prior to the protective coating application.