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How do spray booths work?

When addressing ``how do spray booths work?``, it is essential to break down the several components that make up the facility.

These being; the enclosure, the ventilation/extraction system, and the paint applicator. However, larger industrial booths also feature a control console.

What does the spray booth enclosure do?

The enclosure is the space where operators treat objects that require coating. These spaces can vary in size, design, and functionality, depending on processing and production requirements.

For instance, large objects such as vehicles and structural steel would be treated inside a sizeable industrial spray booth enclosure. Smaller objects, such as mechanical components, would usually be treated inside a smaller enclosure, like the one found in a dry filter or water wall booth.

The Ventilation System

All spray booths feature a form of ventilation system. However, larger, more complex spray booths require more complex ventilation systems. Ventilation systems in these larger facilities, while removing VOC’s and particulate, control the spray booth’s airflow, humidity, and internal temperature.

In smaller facilities, ventilation is usually an induction fan that pulls VOC’s and particulate toward a filter medium.

The Paint/Spray Applicator

The paint/spray applicator is the tool in which operators coat objects inside the spray booth. Dependent on the type of spray booth and what is being processed, paint applicators can vary in size and complexity.

WIWA Paint Mixer
Spray Booth

The Control Console

Industrial spray booths and ovens have an exterior PLC console, from which the spray booth is controlled and monitored. From this console, operators can adjust the internal temperature of the spray booth, raise or dim the interior lighting, and monitor filter conditions.

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