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Aerospace and Defence

Airblast Eurospray has been producing surface preparation and finishing facilities for the civil and defence aviation sectors for more than three decades.

Aircraft surface preparation and finishing are critical processes in ensuring that the aircraft surface is free from corrosion, has achieved the correct surface finish standard, and that its paint finish is effective and long-lasting.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation or blasting the surface of an aircraft ready for painting is a specialist process that requires a careful approach. The correct type of blast media must be expelled at a constant – unwavering – pressure to obtain the correct surface profile ready for finishing.

In addition, the best preparation facilities are highly efficient and reliable, remove the dust from the atmosphere and recycle or remove any spent abrasive.

The temperature and humidity inside an aircraft painting or finishing facility must be controlled to a constant to prevent oxidisation or gingering prior to paint application.

Aside from the technical challenges around creating preparation and finishing facilities, the scale of these buildings can pose a challenge for some suppliers.

Airblast has a rich heritage in the design and construction of these specialist facilities and has designed, built and installed some of the largest, technologically excellent surface preparation and finishing buildings for some of the world’s leading aerospace organisaitons.

Our skilled workforce coupled with the technical knowledge we have of this niche part of the aerospace supply chain puts us in front in the sector.

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