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Rail & Road

Airblast Eurospray is a leading provider of surface preparation and finishing facilities for the rail and road sector.

Of note are blast room projects for some of the world’s leading rolling stock manufacturers including Bombardier Transportation and Hitachi Rail

Challenges of scale

The rail sector balances the challenges of scale and efficiency in requiring the most efficient treatment facilities and buildings for train bodies.

The surface preparation and finishing processes of rolling stock often need to work inside larger manufacturing spaces in order to align with further manufacturing processes and timetables.

We focus on delivering just that – efficient facilities that understand the bigger manufacturing picture and help our clients expedite production in the most efficient way possible.

These close working relationships often generate innovative outcomes that further catalyse production. An example of this is our access platform ‘Omni lift’ that operates on three axes allowing blast operators to access the entire train body without having to swap out different access or lift systems. The Omni Lift moves up and down, and along and into the blast booth facility reducing operation risk and increasing productivity.

When it comes to vehicles and vehicle protection, Airblast and our joint venture company Airblast AFC have a long heritage, producing preparation and finishing facilities for vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and military vehicle centres around the world.

In the UK, our work in this sector reaches into the agriculture industry where we provide large scale facilities for agricultural vehicle manufacturers and vehicle body manufacturers, helping to ensure they can confidently protect their products from corrosion.

The rail and road sector in the UK is heavily regulated and operates in an environment of enhanced health and safety. Airblast has a long history of compliance in this sector, with JOSCAR accreditation allowing us to work in the defence sector, together with ISOQAR, Safe Contractor and Cyber Essentials approvals, which, together with our knowledge and expertise, make us a strong provider in the rail and road supply chain.

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Get in touch with our technical team to talk about your rail or road project today.Alternatively, call our sales team on +44 (0)1778 560 650 and they will be happy to advise you.

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