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Airblast Optimises Manufacturing Process At Jewers Doors’ New HQ


Jewers Doors


Biggleswade, UK


Supply a bespoke blast room, spray booth and oven, and paint mixing room to exacting specifications.


Jewers Doors is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining, servicing, and repair of high performance sliding and folding door solutions for an extensive range of industry sectors.

In 2021, Jewers Doors relocated its HQ to a new purpose-built facility in Bedfordshire. They will continue producing their door systems at this new site, incorporating the latest industry concepts and technologies.

Jewers Doors employs more than 50 people at their new site and has an average annual sales turnover of more than £10 million – and growing rapidly.

To help establish a comprehensive and efficient manufacturing process at their new factory, Jewers Doors reached out to Airblast to supply technologically driven, technically excellent surface finishing facilities.

Close-up of abrasive separator and waste bins of the blast booth at Jewers Doors.

The Solution

In order to accommodate large objects and keep within a specific floor plan, Airblast designed both facilities with a unique side-opening door manufactured by Jewers. This allows the large objects to be easily maneuvered in and out of both facilities, keeping within their preferred space requirements.

Airblast manufactures a wide range of media recovery devices, each offering differing degrees of operator intervention and productivity when recovering abrasive. In this case, the blast room was fitted with a sweep to rapid recovery elevator commensurate with their work load.

Internals of Jewers Doors' blast room, featuring vaculift abrasive recovery system and the enclosure's rubber lined walls.

The rapid recovery elevator works by feeding abrasive into an in-floor feed hopper inside the blast room. From there, the elevator takes the media to a Dynamic Separator where viable abrasive is filtered out from other particulate matter and dust. The viable abrasive is then stored in a silo hopper and gravity fed into a blast machine for use on demand. At the same time, dust and spent media are delivered to the dust collector, with any oversize contamination delivered to a collection bin at floor level.

The spray booth was installed at right angles to the blast room, allowing the processed components to be efficiently moved from one facility to another. Airblast’s spray booths are designed from the ground up to ensure high productivity and provide ideal airflow, giving operators inside the perfect conditions for coating.

Temperature and airflow are controlled by a PLC driven control panel. To ensure rapid drying times Airblast’s spray booths can increase air temperatures to 80oC. Besides spraying and drying mode selection, the control panel also manages the internal lighting, and analyses filter conditions, which alerts the user if a change is required.


Jewers Doors' spray booth.

Inside the paint mixing room, Airblast recommended and installed the WIWA DUOMIX as the facility’s paint application system. The WIWA DUOMIX is a high production paint applicator used for large-area applications with more than 200 different possible mixing ratios.

All Airblast’s paint mixing rooms exceed the H&S requirement of 20 air changes per hour as standard. Airblast’s innovative ventilation system doubles the amount set by H&S, guaranteeing all solvent fumes are removed from inside. The paint mixing room is also fitted with replaceable dry filters, mixing benches, racking systems, frost protection, heating systems, and overhead lighting.

The Result

The Airblast team is proud and gratified to have worked with Jewers Doors to optimise their manufacturing process at their new factory. Like the bi-folding blast room and spray booth door, collaborations in design allow for innovative solutions to installation challenges and a genuinely bespoke facility to fit your unique business demands.

Blast room and spray booth adjacent to one another.

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