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Airblast Eurospray Supplies Innovative Recovery Solution To Speed Up Processing Times


Midlands Paint and Powder Coaters Ltd


Birmingham, UK


Installation of a super-efficient sweep abrasive airflex recovery floor system


MPPC Ltd is an industrial surface treatment and finishing company that specialise in processing metallic fabrications and components. Located in Birmingham, with over 20 years of processing experience, Midland paint & powder coaters are known nationally for their quality processing, excellent finish, and fast turnaround times.

MPPC Ltd approached Airblast intending to increase the throughput of their existing facilities. Their site is already home to an Airblast 12m blast room; however, MPPC Ltd had outgrown the current means of abrasive recovery, which was limiting their productivity ambitions. So, the Airblast’s expert team set to deliver the solution they were looking for and settled on a complete bespoke upgrade package for their business.

The Solution

Over the next few weeks, Airblast delivered on its promises, installing a rapid sweep abrasive recovery floor system. The sweep abrasive recovery floor is one of the many innovations at Airblast that sets us apart from our competitors. MPPC Ltd previous recovery solution, while cost-effective when purchased, was labour intensive and hindered productivity.

The new abrasive recovery floor is an active recovery system working underneath the feet of operators. As components are blasted inside, abrasive falls through steel grating where flexible scraper blades gather it. These blades move the abrasive to a transversal corridor delivering it directly to an elevator and grit wash. Electrically driven from outside the booth, this floor runs on runner wheels that feature sealed bearings with polyurethane tyres. It means that abrasive is recovered automatically, eliminating the need to stop production to recover the media.

Alongside the sweep floor, the grit wash includes a primary vibrator sieve and air wash. From there, any dust is transported to a dust collector while spent abrasive, and large contaminants are sent to a collection bin – diverting them away from the dust collector to prevent premature wear. This new recovery system now means that MPPC has the means to deliver even faster throughput and future-proofing their business for later growth.

The Result

MPPC Ltd can now achieve its productivity aspirations and processing throughput through this technically excellent upgrade package supplied by Airblast Eurospray. We’ve worked with Midlands Paint and Powder Coaters for a decade, and during that time, we are glad to have shared a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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