Weather-proof Blast Room

Airblast Eurospray announces new modular weather-proof blast facility.

20th of March, 2020

Inability to increase production capacity is a limiting factor affecting UK business today. Lack of internal industrial space stifles a company’s potential revenue. To help organisations with limited space, Airblast Eurospray has developed a new demountable weather-proof blast room.

This new facility is completely revolutionary in terms of its modular design. With no groundwork required, it is one of the most cost-effective blast rooms on the market.

Airblast engineers have developed a steel raft mounting system that utilises modular components – the structure can be assembled in a matter of days, limiting the amount of disturbance to the site during installation.

The design of the room itself is wholly bespoke. Weather-proof units can accommodate all abrasive recovery systems, from floor sweep to vacuum. They can also be fitted with rail transportation and come in a variety of sizes. As long as there is outdoor space (for instance, a car park), this structure can be assembled.

This is the ultimate demountable blasting solution for limited internal factory space. For more information, please visit our website or contact Airblast Eurospray on 0845 7697225.