Acoustic Sound Suppression Blast Room

Airblast Eurospray announces new blast room sound suppression innovation.

2nd of November, 2016

High levels of noise in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on employees’ ability to work effectively. Limiting the amount of loud ambient sound present in the workplace has shown to increase productivity and boost worker morale.

When surface treatment is required noise is an inevitable outcome of the blasting process. Blast media continually impacting metal is an inescapably noisy process, made worse using steel in the booth’s construction.

To combat this issue, we have developed a blast room with built-in sound suppression. We use a durable material called EPS – a strong, high-density lightweight panel that represses noise. The composite panels are insulating and contain a flame retardant tested to BS4735:1974. They are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and work with any size booth.

Moreover, to adhere to The Noise at Work Regulation Act employers can reduce loud noise exposure from the source by utilising these attenuated facilities. Employers have a general duty to reduce the risk of hearing damage to the lowest reasonably practicable level.

Sound Suppressing Booths are just one of a range of innovations currently being realised at Airblast Eurospray. Noise-reduction, dust-extraction, space-management, and humidity control are some of the facets of blasting and spraying we are meeting with brand new efficiency-boosting solutions.