AbVac Abrasive Recovery System

A new portable abrasive recovery system has been launched by Airblast Eurospray

January, 2018

Airblast Eurospray is delighted to announce that we are bringing the cutting-edge of portable extraction to the European market. Meet the AbVac, a compact portable solution for abrasive reclamation.

With low power needs and height-adjustable retractable legs, the American-made AbVac suction unit is one of the most portable recovery devices available anywhere in the world. Ideal for temporary use in difficult-to-reach locations. Its automatic ATM filter system works without compressed air for dry and moist material, and when combined with a storage hopper, AbVac can recover spent abrasive and feed it back into the blast machine.

AbVac makes recovery of spent grit much faster and more efficient than traditional manual methods of recovery; that is good for our health and good for our pockets.