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Why is dust extraction vital while blasting?

A dust extraction system clears the blast rooms internal atmosphere of airborne particulate, which is generated when blasting.

Effective removal of airborne particulate results in increased efficiency, better visibility, a longer lifespan for your equipment, lower running costs, and a safer working enviroment.

How can I gain optimal performance from the dust extraction system in my blast room?

After blast room installation its important to monitor the performance of the dust extractor unit. There are several parameters that effects its effciency

Blast operator in full GVS RPE blasting PPE holding a blast hose and nozzle processing rolling stock inside the blast room at Hitachi Rail.

Dust extraction parameters that effect effciency

1.      Airspeed Through The Booth

It is important that air moves through the blast room at a speed sufficient to keep metallic particles airborne until extraction.

2.      The Direction of Air Flow

A well-designed blast room must have correctly sized and well-positioned air inlets and extraction ducts to provide optimum ventilation. Air inlets should always be positioned on the roof and extraction should always be positioned at a low level. Reversing this can result in some cost savings for the manufacturer, but a design that works against gravity is questionable.

3.      The Filtration Area

This is the surface area of the filter material within the dust collector. It must be sufficient for the air volume that will pass through it. Insufficient filtration area can result in the premature failure of the extraction system.

What are the dust extraction options sold by Airblast?

Reverse Pulse Dust Collector

Reverse pulse dust collectors clean filter cartridges by firing short pulses of air at the cartridges. Our intelligent system measures the differential pressure across the filter and only cleans it when required. Less sophisticated systems fire pulses of air at preset intervals, even when not required, which causes unnecessary wear.

The dust extraction system at the Hitachi Rail manufacturing facility at Newton Aycliffe, used to clear the blast room of particulate.
Blast room dust extraction bag filter
Bag Filter Dust Collectors

Once a popular option, bag filter dust collectors are only suitable for ever-smaller air volumes but are outmoded for larger applications. This type of dust collector uses a bag filter to remove any airborne dust from the system. The filter bag is cleaned by a short vibration cycle, during which dust falls into the collection bin. This vibration cycle activates automatically when the unit is switched off at the end of the shift.

Large Portable Dust Extractors

Our Large Portable Dust Extractors are based on our Air Pulse Cartridge Collector. They feature adaptations to make them better suited to site conditions. These robust units are designed for continuous running thanks to a manual reverse compressed air pulse cleaning system, which prevents dust from saturating the cartridge filter.

As with the Reverse Pulse Dust Collector, the air pulse loosens the dust causing it to fall into four collection bins below. These can be emptied while the collector is still in operation to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. This unit can also be used with a silencer to provide powerful dust extraction even on sites where breakout noise must be controlled.

Two engineers inside the blast room at Hitachi Rail, Newton Aycliffe.

What sets Airblast's blast room dust extraction configurations apart from competitors in the market?

Dust extraction is a vital consideration when you’re installing a blast booth. Airblast’s configuration allows for a laminar airflow down the booth which ensures that the dust is reliably conveyed to the dust collection point. Less efficient/powerful designs on the market are not able to keep metallic dust airborne until collection, resulting in poor visibility and longer cleaning times.

Our Reverse Pulse Dust Collector design also features an intelligent cleaning system to prevent the premature wear of the filter cartridge that can result from the use of less sophisticated solutions.

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