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Hiring to buying: Airblast’s blast containers deliver continuous value.




Manchester, UK


Deliver an all-in-one 20′ blast container to the site and provide ongoing technical support.


In 2023, Airblast was contacted by a specialist in enhancing, repairing, and re-manufacturing moving mechanical components and equipment in industrial pumping equipment. Servicing the energy and petrochemical sectors for nearly two decades, our client wished to streamline and exert greater control over their production by investing in a dedicated blast facility. After an initial consultation, they hired a unit from our fleet of container blast room solutions.

Airblast Containerised Blast Room

The Solution

Delivered to the site promptly after the initial enquiry, the blast container required only compressed air and an electricity connection to operate. Following an induction, our client was able to start processing their product.


Our all-in-one blast containers provide a rigorously ventilated and controlled environment to prep product before coating. The integral dust collection and extraction unit was more than capable of keeping up with our client’s production demands. Airflow is uncompromised in these units and differs little in principle to our larger more complex facilities. Air travels through the booth, from high to low, holding particulates and debris in atmospheric suspension. This technique works with gravity to achieve incredibly efficient ventilation inside the container blast room’s enclosure.

Operator closing a containerised blast room swing doors.
Operator opening the hinge door's to enter a Airblast containerised blasting room.

Media Recovery

For media reclamation, our hire blast rooms are all fitted with a Vaculift pneumatic recovery. Once the abrasive needs to be recovered, the abrasive is manually swept into a floor hopper and pneumatically drawn to the grit wash. Here, spent abrasive and debris are separated from viable media and deposited into the blast machine for use. The Vaculift is driven by compressed air and used when the blast machine is not in operation meaning that no additional air is required for grit recovery purposes.


Our containerised blast rooms are all portable, compact, and weatherproof, meaning that these units can be kept outside if workshop floor space is limited. Our client kept theirs on-site but out of their factory, as their floor space also came at a premium.

Containerised blast room
Inside a 40 ft containerised blast room, with a vaculift recovery system and integrated dust extraction.


Like the container blast room we supplied to our client, all our hire units come with dust proof lighting, integral rubber lining, a 100 ltr redline blast machine, helmet and breathing filter, and operator training as standard.

The Result

Taking advantage of our exceptionally competitive hire rate, our client saw significant increases in productivity and turnaround times. So much so that after the hire term was over, they went on to buy the container outright, investing in a dedicated in-house blast solution for their business, cutting down on outsourcing costs and, in turn, optimising their surface treatment processes.

Operator closing a containerised blast room swing doors.

Contact us

For more information on our blast container hire fleet, please visit our website. Alternatively, call +44 1778 560650 or email us enquiries@airblast.co.uk to contact our technical sales team.