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Airflex Media Recovery Floor


Modular Facility with Airflex Media Recovery Floor


Equipment Manufacturer




To support a play equipment manufacturer with shot blasting equipment


We were contacted by a children’s play equipment manufacturer to help them create municipal play areas. During a preliminary tour of their factory we discovered that although they had their own blast room for preparing surfaces, their media recovery, a vacuum waffle floor, was unreliable and regularly caused problems with production. The client was searching for a new blast room that would offer a more reliable method of grit recovery with improved ventilation and lighting.

We discussed the key decision making factors and determined that the blast room would need to be 8m long, 4m wide, and 3m tall. It would also need to operate for two shifts of eight hours per day, five days per week. After discussing the client’s requirements and understanding their processes, we came to a consensus about the ideal location for the unit and planned a solution that would fit their needs.


Airblast proposed a modular facility incorporating a full recovery floor to reduce the amount of time that was being spent on manually recovering abrasive. Installation was complete in three weeks, at which point our client was able to to return to production.

Statistics in Brief

  • Facility Type: Modular
  • Weather Proof: No
  • Internal Dimensions: (l) 8m, (w) 4m, (h) 3m
  • Grit Recovery: Full floor scraper recovery
  • Number of Blasters: Two
  • Dust Extraction: Reverse Jet

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