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Blast Lift

Working at Height

It's important to protect moving parts from metallic dust, so when it comes to blasting large vehicles or working safely at height, standard scissor lifts pose a real problem; powered hydraulic rams simply can’t be used in blast rooms.

We designed the Blast Lift to tackle this problem, and the result is elegant in its simplicity. The Blast Lift uses inflatable bags, requires no electricity, and has no hydraulic moving parts. As a result, it's perfectly at home in a blasting environment, and constitutes another of the many innovations that Airblast has introduced into the surface preparation industry.

The Blast Lift gives you a working height of up to 4 metres and a weight capacity of up to 250kg. Platforms range in size between 700 x 2000mm, up to 700 x 3500mm and can include tool racks. The raising and lowering operation is smooth and the entire lift is easy to move.

The grid floor allows dust and abrasive to fall through, helping to facilitate media recycling and keeping the platform clear for the operative. The Blast Lift is an incredibly robust unit, designed with simplicity and practicality in mind to ensure reliable performance time and time again.

Technical InformationBlast Lift 1Blast Lift 2Blast Lift 3Blast Lift 4
Max Height2950 mm3850 mm3960 mm3850 mm
Collapsed Height1950 mm1850 mm1960 mm1850 mm
Width of base frame906 mm1116 mm1200 mm1525 mm
Max loading capacity150 kg150 kg150 kg250 kg
Platform length2000 mm3500 mm2000 mm3500 mm
Platform width674 mm674 mm675 mm674 mm
Length of the base frame2060 mm3677 mm2153 mm3677 mm
Total length2153 mm3717 mm2153 mm4200 mm

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