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Working at Height

The Airblast Multi Axis Blast Lift is the ultimate solution for complete blast room coverage when blasting large objects, such as vehicles and structural steel. This lifting platform can traverse across both axis planes and can extend from the wall on which it is mounted upon.

The multi axis blast lift is mounted upon rails that spans the length of the blast room, and all movements are controlled by a hydraulic system. As a result, delivering smooth regular movements. Operators can access all the lifts controls from behind the guard rails, inside a protected cavity.

The Blast Lift gives you a working height of up to 4 metres and a weight capacity of up to 250kg. Platforms range in size between 700 x 2000mm, up to 700 x 3500mm and can include tool racks. The raising and lowering operation is smooth and the entire lift is easy to move.

The grid floor allows dust and abrasive to fall through, helping to facilitate media recycling and keeping the platform clear for the operative. The Blast Lift is an incredibly robust unit, designed with simplicity and practicality in mind to ensure reliable performance time and time again.

Part numberLoad capacityNo of personsPlatform heightBasket LengthBasket widthLength at baseWidth at base
Blast Lift 01150kg11600mm2000mm674mm1754mm906mm
Blast Lift 02150kg12500mm3500mm674mm3452mm1120mm
Blast Lift 04150kg12600mm2000mm674mm1754mm1200mm
Blast Lift 05250kg22500mm3500mm674mm3452mm1516mm
Blast Lift 06300kg22830mm2990mm830mm3290mm1355mm

– Blast Lift 04 unit is equipped with a double scissor mechanism to allow 2.6mt elevation on a 2mt platform.
– Air Supply 6 bar.

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